Our story

Petit Blush was started in 2020 by Laura Nuijten, she is the founder and creative designer at Petit Blush.

After years of experience in commercial and creative positions, she has built up a lot of knowledge. And the births of her 2 daughters led to taking the first step towards Petit Blush. A path opened up and she followed it without hesitation.

Petit Blush has a casual style, unique and very individual with different prints every season.

The collections are for children who enjoy wearing playful and unique clothing, with high-quality comfort that can really be combined endlessly. Clothing that is made to last.

With our sustainable thoughts, we carefully consider what footprint Petit Blush leaves behind here in the world. With every choice we make, we want the best for our planet. Allowing us to create a more beautiful world for everyone.

We are committed to creating a future in which we contribute to a positive, environmentally friendly hug for the earth.